You may purchase tickets for several other Jackpots that include:

Double Jackpot - One Man and One Woman will be drawn if both strike they split the pot. 

​BlackJack Shot - Two bowlers will be selected by drawing to roll 3 balls - $100.00

No Head Pin - One bowler will be selected by chance at striking with no head pin - $500.00

Strike Pot - Several chances to get a strike and win $25.00.

Opposite Hand Spare - Draw your spare

Must be 18 years old.

No Credit Cards for Scotch Doubles, Cash Only.

Enjoy a fun night of Scotch Doubles Bowling!!  Scotch Doubles Bowling is a fun alternate shot bowling format where 2 bowlers (1 male and 1 female) work together to bowl 5 games.  $24.00 a couple.​

 Scotch Doubles